The Chief Marketer

Executive Marketing Leadership, when you need it the most.

growth centered marketing that gets results

Executive Marketing Leadership, when you need it the most.

growth centered marketing that gets results

I solve complex challenges

The marketing landscape has never been more complex. Brands are faced with rapidly changing customer sentiment, accurately measuring ROI, linking sales and marketing metrics to business objectives, and cross-channel attribution challenges. Solving highly complex challenges, while growing the business, is what I do best.

My Story, a very brief history

My career path is far from traditional. But that difference gives me an distinct edge as a fractional CMO.

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I started out in marketing at a venture capital firm, mostly designing pitch decks and managing the website. That experience gave me a foundational insights into working with technology and healthcare companies.

Early in my career I did brief stints in the design department of a local newspaper, just to learn more about print, and on feature length films. Nothing earth shattering. But my storytelling skills were sharply honed by these disparate environments.

In 2006 I co-founded RAVE, a full-service marketing and advertising firm. Over the course of my 16+ years leading an agency I had the opportunity to lead multi-year marketing efforts for local, national, and global campaigns, with companies of all sizes, that achieved amazing results.

The agency started out in traditional media but grew up right along side Twitter and Facebook, which gave me a unique perspective on the digital world we all now live in.

Over the years I’ve also worked as a marketing advisor for early stage startups and nascent web3 (cryptocurrency and non-fungible token) projects.

In addition I have served on both local and District boards for the American Advertising Federation. Positions that sharpened my leadership and team building skills in new ways.

Regardless of the client or vertical, I’ve always had my eye on one thing—crafting compelling marketing strategies that get results. Always iterating and improving.

Now, I work with venture capital backed startups and SMBs (small and midsized businesses) to elevate their growth through strategic marketing leadership. I encourage you to schedule a discovery call and learn more.

What are the basics?

Every relationship has its own unique needs and structure. However, these are some of the basic guidelines I take into consideration.

01 // Ideal For
mid-market, growth oriented, companies with a need for partial time executive level marketing leadership.
02 // Company Size
organizations I work with tend to have more than ten employees and fewer than 500.
03 // Company Revenue
in general, the companies I work with have annual revenue of at least $20 million.
04 // Try Before You Buy
every engagement starts with a 2 or 3 month marketing audit. the final report is yours, whether I join as an fcmo or not.
05 // CMO Engagement
my minimum cmo engagement is 12 months. some partnerships are designed to be much longer term, or even semipermanent.

What type of companies do I serve?

These are the primary verticals, sectors, and organization types that I’ve worked with over the years. However, my marketing experience extends beyond these core categories.

Midmarket companies

My sweetspot is helping brands with revenue of at least $20 million break through the ceiling to new growth targets.

B2B and B2C

My experience working with business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies is split roughly 60/40.


I have marketed nationally ranked hospital systems, mindfullness companies, and pharmaceutical brands.


I’ve worked with SaaS, enterprise tech solutions, consumer based tech, EdTech, and AI companies.

and more

My marketing experience includes other verticals like finance, communities, and consumer goods.

What I bring to the mix

My 20+ years of professional marketing experience includes global, national, and local campaigns that span digital and traditional media.

Data Nerd Superpowers

Background with Startups

B2B, B2C, and ai Experience

Rapid Knowledge Assimilation

Management Expertise

Schedule your free introduction call

The relationship between executive leaders is a special one. This initial call is designed to help me understand your needs, challenges and timelines, and ensure that our goals and missions are aligned.