The Chief Marketer

My Services

Marketing Consultation

A 50-minute Zoom call ($387) where we:

  • explore your biggest marketing challenges.
  • review your current marketing channels, strategies, and tactics.
  • discuss your target audience and look for new oportunities.
  • provide insight into where you should be spending your marketing budget.
  • share key actions you can take away.

60-Day Marketing Audit

This assessment covers tasks that a CMO would do in their first months on the job.

  • Meet with team, peers, and partners.
  • Gather insights to inform strategy.
  • Develop revised brand strategy.
  • Review and refine operating processes.
  • Revamp marketing plan.
  • Recommend any needed changes to the marketing organization/structure.
  • Offers a ‘try before you buy’ fractional CMO experience.

Fractional CMO services

I help brands solve complex challenges in a fraction of the time.

  • Is part of the executive team.
  • Ensure marketing goals align with business objectives.
  • Build and mentor the marketing team.
  • Develop and own the brand and marketing strategies.
  • Create marketing playbooks.
  • Manage marketing organizational structure.
  • Oversee budget, including marketing and ad spend.